How We’re Different

With a Victoria home inspection, ignorance isn’t bliss.

House inspections help you make informed decisions

Don’t let superficial features blind you

Most of us buy our home without ever really seeing it. Sure, we look at the cosmetic stuff. The yard, the appliances, the bathroom fixtures. But what about the stuff inside the walls? The home inspector will take care of that, right? Well, maybe, maybe not. Fact is, the average Victoria home inspection isn’t what we think it is. Typically, it’s NOT a complete evaluation of the home. It’s simply a review of the home’s observable conditions on the day of that inspection.

Better home inspection training and tools

We believe that you should expect better. And it starts with holding inspectors to higher training standards. Up until recently, anyone who passed a test and paid their fees could become a home inspector. Thankfully, new rules by Consumer Protection BC are changing this. Bloodhound home inspectors are highly skilled professionals who not only have a background in construction, but also have comprehensive training in modern building practices and materials, as well as moisture measurement tools.

More accountability from home inspectors

We understand that every inspection has some limitations, but we believe you should get more detail. Some inspectors today won’t even step into attic spaces, crawlspaces or on roofs. How can you evaluate a home’s structural defects if you can’t see the rafters? Or assess the rain resistance of a roof without probing its flashing? Bloodhound believes you deserve a detailed review of every major element of your home. That’s why we go far beyond the average inspection to get a close look at roofs, attics, crawlspaces, and foundations, even when it involves taking a little personal risk.

Turning information into understanding

A great home inspector should turn their observations into information you can use. Today some home inspection reports have become so generic that they are almost useless at helping you make an informed decision. A Bloodhound home inspection report, in contrast, is detailed and useful. We use lots of photos to make it easy to read, and plain language to make it easy to understand. And because a great home inspection wouldn’t be complete without talking to you, we always try to do a walk-through with you to answer questions.

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